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Complete Plumbing Products Range

shower drain_

Complete Drainage Solution

Look up to the wall!
Every modern bathroom should not miss a shower drain that meets EN 1253 standard and thanks to unique anti-smell system, low construction height, high flow, wide range of timeless stainless steel grid, meets the requirements of demanding customer and is the ideal solution for your bathroom.

multifunctional system_

Multi functional stainless steel frame

Multifunctional for your waste With floor, Multi with stainless steel frame and stainless steel grid, you will definitely be! It is designed for indoor and outdoor use.
Thanks to a multifunctional system that allows up to three inflows at a time in dimension D 50, a merger of D 75 can be achieved into the waste system. D 50 inflows are fitted with a perforated wall that can easily be removed.

drainage D 110_

Outdoor Drainage D110

Bet On Quality
Do you need quality drainage and an optical look is important for you? Then we have the right one for you.
Outdoor drainage D 110 with galvanized grid is suitable for drainage of civil buildings, transport areas designed for cyclists and pedestrians, driveway and pedestrian communication.

Steel Man-Hole Covers_

Stainless Steel Man-Hole Covers

Stainless Steel Man-Hole Covers are available in all sizes from 300mm to 1200mm as well as can be customize as per your requirement.

insulated water storage_

Insulated Water Storage Tanks

stainless steel insulated water storage tanks are developed in various sizes varying from 100ltr to 10,000ltr. The modern design and light weight make these tanks durable and eco-friendly, which ensures you a healthy and trouble-free living. As well as avaible in different stainless steel grades i.e 304, 316L , 2205 etc.

multilayer pipes

Multilayer Pipes

Henco Industries offers a wide range of multilayer pipes, fittings, underfloor heating, tools and much more. All this to facilitate the perfect installation, in accordance with the applicable regulations and provided with the necessary certificates.
Henco always has a solution! Henco has everything you need to make quick and reliable connections: press fittings, push fittings, compression fittings.

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